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Beautiful Towns

A green area with many beautiful landscapes and beaches, but also rich historical features. It is worth visiting the town of Preveza with the wonderful fish taverns, the city of ancient Nikopolis, which is one of the best preserved ancient cities of Greece, the springs of Acheron with the wonderful natural landscape where, according to mythology, the gates of Hades, the ancient Nekromanteion located on the shores of Lake Acherousia, Zalogo with the heroic Souliotissa is one of the most important historical monuments worth visiting.

It is also worth visiting Amvrakikos gulf, which is one of the most famous and worthwhile wetlands in Greece. It consists of the lagoon and many scenic islands where rare species of birds and dolphins live and grow.

A beautiful area with splendid natural landscapes and rich historical and cultural monuments. It is worth visiting the city and the castle of Parga with the picturesque streets and the lively life.

Very beautiful area with wonderful natural scenery. Visit the scenic Sivota with its beautiful harbor, the historical monasteries of the area and discover the rich history of the place.

Beautiful Beaches

The area has several beautiful large beaches. The beach of Vrachos-Loutsa, with the wonderful golden sand and crystal clear waters, the sandy beach of Ammoudia, with the shallow waters next to the mouth of the Acheron River, the beach of Lygia, the Alonaki, the Monolithi.
Parga also has many beautiful beaches worth visiting, such as the beach of Valtos next to Parga, the beach of Lichnos, the quiet beach of Sarakinikos, the picturesque beach of Ai Giannaki and others.

The beaches of Sivota are also very beautiful. Some of the beaches are the beach of Gallikos, Mega and Mikri Ammos, Zeri, PPC, Swimming pool, Karavostasi etc.

A little bit of greek History

Visiting Loutsa you can see a lot of historial monuments and museums .Do not miss to visit the Nekromanteion and the springs of Acheron. The most famous necromancy of the ancient Greek world is located near the northwest shores of Lake Acherousia, at the point where the rivers of Hades, Acheronas and Kokytos are joined while on the excursion you will be able to see the Ancient Theater of Dodoni.

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